[WoW] The GlynFisher

August 18, 2008

his new automated bot will make fishing a breeze! It’s extremely user friendly and safe to use.

Automated fishing! As any bot is used for.

Color registry! This was developed so that users did not need to know programming and could easily select what zone for a more optimal and efficient botting experience.

Anti-Afk – Obvious.

Macro Implementation :
In the slot 8 it will use if you want to use a macro. This is shown by my screen shot in the central folder. Specially used to fish specific fish instead of Filling your inventory with bad fish.

Ect. ect.

This bot has been tested various times in different ways and neither I (nor my testers) have been banned for useing it yet.

Download The GlynFisher

[WoW] WoW Emu hacker 2.4.3 / 5.0

August 15, 2008

Hier der emu hacker 2.4.3 auch kompatibel mit 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.1 .
( am anfang die wow.exe pointen)

Hunter Tracking : When enabled to whatever setting you choose you will be able to track things like hunters do.
Herbs/Minerals/Treasure : When enabled to whatever setting you choose you will be able to find herbs, Minerals, Treasure etc.
Speed Hack : There are different settings for speed as well as a “User Input” Mode which you can set your own.
Wall Climb On/Off : When Enabled this will allow you to Climb up Walls.
Fall Damage On/Off : Turns off Fall Damage.
Teleport to Plane : This function makes you invisible to any NPC or PC, you even disappear from their radar if they could track you. You warp to a plane where no one can touch you nor can you touch anyone. It’s abit hard to navigate so I suggest you use the mini map for that.
Fly Mode : Lets you fly as if you where a GM with .fly mode on (like swimming in the air)
Levitate : Lets you Levitate you can go over water and you fall slower.
Normal : Default movement state (walking normal)
Gravity : Lets you alter the Gravity. This allows you to jump higher and so on etc. I Strongly suggest you use no fall damage with this as you might find your self suffering massive damage.
Teleport : You can add locations and select locations to teleport to. I Suggest you try and keep the teleports in between about half of the map to avoid possible problems.
* : Places the current Location in to the Teleport Box’s.
Corpse : When dead it will teleport you to your corpse or try to.
Spirit : When dead it will teleport you to the spirit healer.
Allow Model Hacks : To use this, you must start WoWEmuHacker before you log-in and enable this feature. If your default char is not
The model which you are editing you can enable the feature before entering the realm. I strongly suggest enabling before
you log-in to avoid any client problems that might arise if it detects patch.mpq’s it does not agree with.
No Clip : When Enabled you can use the defined hotkey to inch your self forward into objects/Through walls etc.

P to P Teleport : This feature is for use in close range teleporting. You can setup 3 locations
by using the Defined hotkeys and then teleporting by using defined hotkeys
Main uses are for PVP or kiting.

Water Breathing : As the name says this option will allow you to breath underwater. This option also enables you to stay mounted in water.
You Might also find this option allows you to do some other things as well.

Get Loc : I have been ware of a bug which has caused WoWEmuHacker to randomly Crash after zoning etc, So I have removed the auto updated
Current Loc function, and replaced it with a Get Loc button. I figure that the avg player does not just sit around
watching the numbers anyway. Hit this button, and it will return your current location.

Controls :
List : Opens up the teleport list dialog box.
Select Process : Use this when you have started WoWEmuHacker before starting wow to select the process. *Note: This is not needed if you are starting wow using the “Start WoW” Option*
Start WoW : Use this if you need to launch wow patched for Model Hacks/Edits. It will start the wow.exe you select and patch it before it starts up. Ideal for DBC type model edits.
Setup HotKeys : WoWEmuHacker allows you to setup hotkeys to do a wide array of things, and to control WEH options, from here you can setup your keys.
Help : As the name says it will display a help box with info such as posted above.

Download WoW Emu hacker 2.4.3 / 5.0

[WoW] PiroX FishBot v2.0.4

August 13, 2008

* Lunchpad which polymorphes the original .exe to a unique .exe
* You can make profiles for fishing places
* The bot set the bobber color
* Option: Beep on fish bait
* Option: Shift to loot
* Option: Window title renaming
* Option: Action after x time
* Buffs himself
* Can use lure
* Whisper detection + reply
* Take screenshot on whisper
* Play sound on whisper
* Randomly target friend or enemy
* A tooltip in left top corner
* Logfile
* Help file + pics

* Lunchpad, welches die original .exe in eine einzigartige .exe wandelt (file hash)
* Man kann Profile für verschiedene Angel Gebiete erstellen
* Der Bot setzt die Farbe des Schwimmers automatisch
* Option: Ton, wenn Fisch anbeist
* Option: Autoloot
* Option: Bot Fenster Titel wird umbenannt
* Option: Action nach x Zeit
* Bufft sich selbst
* Kann Köder auf die Angel auftragen
* Whisper detection + Antwort
* Screenshot bei Whisper
* Ton bei Whisper
* Zufälliges anvisieren eines Freundes oder Feinds
* Ein Status Tooltip
* Log Datei
* Hilfe Datei + Bilder

Download PiroX FishBot v2.0.4

[WoW] NoAddiction Hack

August 13, 2008

###NoAddiction Hack###

WoW Multihack made by DamonT!
(No webpage yet)

You can use this hack on real servers since it
contains some anti-detection, decreasing the chance
to get caught by Warden for now to 0%. However it might not
stay safe forever, so check for updates regularly.

*Start “WoW_NoAddiction.exe”
*Have fun

*AutoIgnore Spammers
*Hoverhack (Fly through air)
*Maphack (Displays all entitys on minimap)
*Ingame commands (See chatcommands help)
*Displays level instead of “??” if too high.
*Unitalert (Warns you if enemy players come in range)

*First release for WoW and BC 2.4.3
Wer kein Englisch kann, die wichtigsten Funktionen:

* Speedhack
* Maphack – NPCs/Spieler und Objekte werden auf der Minimap angezeigt
* AutoIgnore – Ignoriert automatisch Spammer
* Hoverhack – Durch die Luft schweben
* Warnhinweise wenn feindliche Spieler zu nahe kommen
* Ingame chatbefehle
* Angelbot(Neu)
* Climbhack(Neu)
* Less-Fall-Dmg – Weniger Schaden durch einen Fall, hat noch Fehler(Neu)
* Anti-auto-AFK(Neu)

Download NoAddiction Hack

[WoW] Jumptool 2.4.3

August 13, 2008

1. Downloaden
2. Entpacken
3. Die .exe Datei in den WoW Ordner packen.
4. WoW über die wowjmp.exe Datei starten.
5. Anmelden und hüpfen^^

1. You download the file
2. You extract it
3. You put the .exe file into your WoW Folder.
4. You start WoW viá wowjmp.exe
5. Logg in and have fun


Woot : Very Funny ! Working well !

You hit the space bar again and again and again and u can jump realy as high as u want.. and if u fall down u can jump again to get no fall damage.

Download Jumptool 2.4.3

[WoW] the next wowTele 1.01 (2.4.3)

August 13, 2008


– long range teleport
– near teleport with adjustable distance
– speedhack (affects running speed only)
– hunter tracking for all classes

viel spass beim teleporten^^

PS: ihr könnt eure alte Teleporterliste weiter verwenden, einfach ins Verzeichnis kopieren.


– start the hack (execute as Administrator)
(tnwt12_win32.exe for XP, Vista32 or tnwt12_win64.exe for XP64, Vista64)
– click the HT checkbox for huntertracking on/off
– input a near teleport distance or leave the default (1m)
– adjust the running speed or leave the default (300%)

hotkeys: (not changeable)

Strg+F12 (Speedhack on/off)
Strg+NumPad8 near teleport forward
Strg+NumPad2 near teleport backward
Strg+NumPad9 near teleport up
Strg+NumPad3 near teleport down
(strg=ctrl on non german keybords)
*** long range teleport does not work on most ascent/ arcemu servers ***
*** but u can use the short rage jumps through doors and walls ***

Download the next wowTele 1.01 (2.4.3)

[WoW] Anthrax 4.0

August 13, 2008

try and find out

Download Anthrax 4.0


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