[WoW] NoAddiction v1.3

February 12, 2009

Download NoAddiction v1.3

###NoAddiction Hack###

*Fatal Error and bugs:
Just create a new topic about it if none exists yet
-> Explain your current action (before the crash or bug occurs)
-> Post the error message

*WoW closes while starting NoAddiction:
Make sure you’ve the latest DirectX run-times installed!
Try to download and install: http://tinyurl.com/6jj2lw

*Check out our forum to stay up to date!
*Only use NA; any other 3rd party program can greatly decrease the security
*Tell nobody about you, using NA
*Don’t use it too obvious and don’t show features to other persons

*Error messages:
– 1 = Wrong WoW Path
-> Check the config file and enter your correct WoW path or use the registry
– 2 = Memory Error
-> Be sure you’re running the hack as administrator and that no antivirus software blocks it
– 6 = Missing config file

-Don’t move while activating or you’ll disconnect
-If you become feared, there’ll be a bug with showing you instant moving instead of normal movement
-Using gryphons/wyverns for travelling will teleport you instantly to your target, but you still need to wait the “normal” time

-Using the SPACE-key will abort the fly-mode!

-You’ll need to stand on ground while activating and try to avoid jumping, else you won’t be able to control your character anymore

Download NoAddiction v1.3


[WoW] FJ

September 20, 2008

-HideObjects Hack: make trees and things disappear and you can run through them, very helpful for pvp.
-Altitude/Z Hack: teleport vertically up or down
-Fish Bot: Level fishing and generate income automatically
-PVP Mode: Auto queue/leave bgs. Runs around looking for enemies to kill for honor farming.

Laut Änderungen:
Changes since last version:
-Kill on Sight mode now working as intended
-Added ‘caption’ command to change window caption as added security measure
-Added ‘bgfish’ command to toggle between injection based (background) and non-injection based fishing
-Added anti-afk, bot will never disconnect due to AFK while enabled
-Fixed PvP “triangle” bug, bot will now run to more than 2 waypoints
-Added Stormstrike and Shamanistic Rage to Shaman combat loop
-Added all class trainers to Orgrimmar
-Fixed PvP mode, no longer switches to repair mode
-Bot will now wait until it has 10c before trying to train at level 1
-Warlock will now use Unstable Affliction
-Priest, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue no longer need to be ‘train’ed to cast all their spells
-Added NE Starting area camps
-Fixed trying to remount while mounted resulting in dismount

Previous Changes:
-Types commands faster
-Repairs after 4 deaths
-Added ‘noloot’ command to disable looting entirely
-Added ‘hacks’ command which enables/disables Teleport hack
-Adjust Shaman combat loop slightly
-Fixed hotkey lag while in pvp waiting for queue

Download FJ

[WoW] WoW Machinima Tool

September 17, 2008

WoW Machinima Tool

Run the app.

If asked use:
User: testclient
Password: 3D6D40013A462CFF

Current Version Have:
Full 2.4.3 Support

Download WoW Machinima Tool

[WoW] XYZ Hack

September 17, 2008

allows u to move in all directions (throught walls ect)

Download XYZ Hack

[WoW] WoWemuHacker 5.0 Beta

September 9, 2008

In this version the current features that are working are.

Goto Location. (depends on your server of course)
Goto Spirit Healer. (Same as above)
Goto Corpse. (same as above)
SpeedHacking. (same as above)
Wall Climb.
No Fall Damage.
Teleport to Plane.
Walk on Water.
Hyper Mode
P2p Teleport. (Use Hotkeys)
Allow Model Hacks.
Gravity Control.
Change Model Size. (Only effects local client, as in no one else can see the effect.)
No Clip (HotKey Controlled)
Increase XYZ (HotKey Controlled)
Decrease XYZ (HotKey Controlled.)
Air Jump

This version supports the following WoW Clients. 2.4.3, 2.4.2, 2.4.0 These clients are detected through an MD5 hash check run when the target process is selected. If you have modded your WoW.exe the MD5 will fail and you will not be able to use WEH with it, you can provide the MD5 shown by Client Info and WoW exe version to me in a PM to have support added.

Run down on the buttons.

Teleport List.
Add Location. Used to add a location quickly to your Teleport List, It can be edited later.
Launch WoW.
Spirit Healer. When dead teleports you to the spirit healers XYZ.
Goto Corpse. When dead teleports you to your corpses XYZ.
HotKeys. Brings up the Hotkey Dialog Box. Note* To remove a hotkey select the hotkey you want hit backspace so it says None then hit set.
Client Info. Displays the Pid, Client Version, MD5, Client Path, of the open process.
Save Settings. Saves your currently selected options in the windows registry.
About. Brings up the about box.

Download WoWemuHacker 5.0 Beta

[WoW] WoWMe2.4.3

September 9, 2008

WoW Model Edit Hack. Patched for 2.4.3

Download WoWMe2.4.3

[WoW] PartyPriest

August 18, 2008

Er heilt dynamisch(bei 90% setzt er einen anderen Spell ein als bei 50 %).
Der Bot ist da um dir beim Level/Grinden zu heilen. Er levelt NICHT für dich.
Da ich ihn mit ein paar Leuten auffem Server geshart hab isser Englisch.
Der Bot ist für PServer(WoW 2.4.3), also benutzt ihn nicht auf Retail und flennt dann rum!
Die Actionbar from Heiler so belegen->
1 -> Normaler Heal
2 -> Großer Heal
3 -> Schneller(also kleiner) Heal
8 -> follow-Makro

2)2 WoWs starten und einloggen
3)PartyPriest.exe starten
4)”Go!” klicken
5)Charnamen des Heilers eingeben.

Download PartyPriest


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