[GTA:SA] M0d S0beit 3.57c + Sourcecode

Version 3.57c
* Right click teleport from gtasa’s map menu; patch “No map warp processing”.
* Patches:
“SA-MP: Custom carmods.dat (data/carmods.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom weapon.dat (data/weapon.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom ar_stats.dat (data/ar_stats.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom gta.dat (data/gta.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom melee.dat (data/melee.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom object.dat (data/object.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom ped.dat (data/ped.two)”
“SA-MP: Custom default.dat (data/default.two)”
* Readded some options that used to be in Miscellaneous.

Download M0d S0beit 3.57c + Sourcecode

4 Responses to [GTA:SA] M0d S0beit 3.57c + Sourcecode

  1. Fan says:

    Thanks for the Link!!!

  2. samp drifter says:

    yea thanks

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