[CoD4] cod4Hook Public (patch 1.7)

Name ESP
Level ESP
Distance ESP
Bounding Box ESP
Enemy ESP Only Option
2D Radar w/ Customizable Position
Statistics Bar

Automatic Aimbot
Humanized Aimbot
Adjustable Vectors
Adjustable Human Aim FOV
Adjustable Human Aim Value
Choosable Aimpoint
Choosable Aimkey
Auto Shoot
No Recoil


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27 Responses to [CoD4] cod4Hook Public (patch 1.7)

  1. asd says:

    how to use??:P

  2. firezzz says:

    jst runz da hook.. exe and join server!

  3. Len-/O]r says:

    On this picture is a black/green box at left side…how to open it?

    sorry for my bad english i am german and learn english

  4. hacks4games says:

    drück mal Entf, Einfg oder F12

  5. hecker says:

    Hw activate aimbot on the this hacks?
    Ansver me on me x-fire:Mateh166

  6. jimmy says:

    i downloaded it soo how do i use it

  7. firezzz says:

    ok guys got… to open the menu in game…
    Key: Insert
    worked for me!!!
    i jst hit the keys on board untill it poped up and found the key….
    so remember its insert to open up menu!!!!

  8. crym4r3 says:

    just dubllem exe then in game press insert only no pb server els you geth bant ) Greatz

  9. lagger123987 says:

    how do u make dis hack work wit xfire? I mostly use crack servers.

  10. Help! says:

    How to i select the things on the in game menu when i press insert? which button?

  11. ontoff says:


  12. Frank says:

    Nice hack!
    It works great and nobody can detect it.}

    Thanks very much!

  13. Frank says:

    If you have Vista,
    Run it as Administrator and as compatibly Windows XP SP2.

  14. Detected? says:

    Is it detected or undetected?

  15. slinky says:

    how does the aimbot work???

  16. summy says:

    says no dll found wat do i do

  17. adr14n says:

    well i run it just normal but than it says that game patch is not the right 1 WTF?!?! i have v.1.7

  18. mich says:

    how to activate aimbot???pls answer me as soon as possible….

  19. john says:

    none of this actually has any simple explanation of how to get the file to implement into the game. please somone explain how to use.

  20. Andy says:

    I have a problem… after 30secods of playing punkbuster kick me and show this notice:

    Fulano PunkBuster kicked player ‘Andy'(for 0 minutes)
    …RSTRICTION: Corrupted File/Memory[81353]

    what i need to do to fix this problem? anyone have idea?

  21. blackburn says:

    ok it works the aimbot but not the auto shoot and some of the rest

  22. Patrick says:

    I installed the hack and it works but I CANT MOVE?!? WTF
    pls help me !!

  23. That_Guy says:

    i dont know… i think i hit the wrong link to download this or something.. everyone is talking so nice about this hack but mine is a virus.

    my problem is not that it will harm my pc cuz its a virus (i know it happens with all hacks) the prob is that i CANT RUN IT!!!

  24. Jordan SIn says:

    Hi How Do I Use The Aim Bot ? Likie ,, What Do I Press . ?

  25. a terrorist says:

    when i press the cod4hook.exe it says that “injection failed” wat to do.

    in advanced nice hack!! ;] ;] ;] ;]

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