[Cabal] Cabal Online Bot

* Automatisches Anvisieren von Monstern
* Automatisches gefiltertes Aufnehmen von Gegenständen
* Automatischer Schutz
* Automatisches wiederholendes Training
* Automatisches gefiltertes Speichern von Gegenständen
* Automatisches Tränkekompression
* Automatisches Zusammenpacken von Gegenständen (extra großes Inventory)
* Reichweite, um Gegenstände aufzunehmen

1. Entpacken
2. Doppelklick mit dem weißen Finger (es taucht in der rechten Ecke deines PCs auf)
3. Rechtsklick mit dem weißen Finger
4. Wähle “start game”, dann ins Spielverzeichnis und “cabalmain.exe” auswählen

Pos1: Botfenster
Einfg: Startet “Auto Training”
Ende: Stoppt “Auto Training”
F12: “Auto Compress Potions”


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7 Responses to [Cabal] Cabal Online Bot

  1. Nameless says:

    Does a Read – Me exist =?

  2. awaw says:

    spraken hawten!!!!!!

  3. This bot is a good solution to the cabal rider paid version but nothing good compared to the CR capabilities.
    It has a very slow mob recognition, many times it forgets to buff and loot items.It doesn’t show a map that you can click on like CR. It stops whilst in acti0on for no apparent reason. In other words it is not totally automated.
    You need to work out the item filter.Sales and Keeps and stores in item filter are not quite clear. BTW its 28th Oct and the used version of it is 1.0.8 and after todays maintenance it will probably have a newer version.
    What else….problems with auto buy pots problems with stack pots (u get 100% disconnects) even if you dont move your char and do nothing.
    many of the drops are not picked up. 70% of the alz dropped are left and not picked up.
    But its good in auto potting…..at least you get the auto red pot working and that helps to keep you alive in dungeons and if you are low lvl.
    For something free i would totally recommend this but its nothing compared to the cabal rider .

  4. Adiennika24 says:

    hey undead iama new to cabal and wanted to start off hacking what would u say would help me?

    yes i have hacked b4 on ijji gunz and i hate injectors

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