[WoW] NoAddiction Hack

August 13, 2008

###NoAddiction Hack###

WoW Multihack made by DamonT!
(No webpage yet)

You can use this hack on real servers since it
contains some anti-detection, decreasing the chance
to get caught by Warden for now to 0%. However it might not
stay safe forever, so check for updates regularly.

*Start “WoW_NoAddiction.exe”
*Have fun

*AutoIgnore Spammers
*Hoverhack (Fly through air)
*Maphack (Displays all entitys on minimap)
*Ingame commands (See chatcommands help)
*Displays level instead of “??” if too high.
*Unitalert (Warns you if enemy players come in range)

*First release for WoW and BC 2.4.3
Wer kein Englisch kann, die wichtigsten Funktionen:

* Speedhack
* Maphack – NPCs/Spieler und Objekte werden auf der Minimap angezeigt
* AutoIgnore – Ignoriert automatisch Spammer
* Hoverhack – Durch die Luft schweben
* Warnhinweise wenn feindliche Spieler zu nahe kommen
* Ingame chatbefehle
* Angelbot(Neu)
* Climbhack(Neu)
* Less-Fall-Dmg – Weniger Schaden durch einen Fall, hat noch Fehler(Neu)
* Anti-auto-AFK(Neu)

Download NoAddiction Hack

[WoW] Jumptool 2.4.3

August 13, 2008

1. Downloaden
2. Entpacken
3. Die .exe Datei in den WoW Ordner packen.
4. WoW über die wowjmp.exe Datei starten.
5. Anmelden und hüpfen^^

1. You download the file
2. You extract it
3. You put the .exe file into your WoW Folder.
4. You start WoW viá wowjmp.exe
5. Logg in and have fun


Woot : Very Funny ! Working well !

You hit the space bar again and again and again and u can jump realy as high as u want.. and if u fall down u can jump again to get no fall damage.

Download Jumptool 2.4.3

[WoW] the next wowTele 1.01 (2.4.3)

August 13, 2008


- long range teleport
- near teleport with adjustable distance
- speedhack (affects running speed only)
- hunter tracking for all classes

viel spass beim teleporten^^

PS: ihr könnt eure alte Teleporterliste weiter verwenden, einfach ins Verzeichnis kopieren.


- start the hack (execute as Administrator)
(tnwt12_win32.exe for XP, Vista32 or tnwt12_win64.exe for XP64, Vista64)
- click the HT checkbox for huntertracking on/off
- input a near teleport distance or leave the default (1m)
- adjust the running speed or leave the default (300%)

hotkeys: (not changeable)

Strg+F12 (Speedhack on/off)
Strg+NumPad8 near teleport forward
Strg+NumPad2 near teleport backward
Strg+NumPad9 near teleport up
Strg+NumPad3 near teleport down
(strg=ctrl on non german keybords)
*** long range teleport does not work on most ascent/ arcemu servers ***
*** but u can use the short rage jumps through doors and walls ***

Download the next wowTele 1.01 (2.4.3)

[WoW] Anthrax 4.0

August 13, 2008

try and find out

Download Anthrax 4.0

[WoW] 1337 hacker 2.4.3

August 9, 2008

Download 1337 hacker 2.4.3

[WoW] Glider

July 20, 2008

Glider ist wieder auf dem patch 2.4.3 sicher und einsatzbereit wer version 1.6.4 nutzte auf 2.4.3 kriegt vll einen ban den nur 1.6.6 ist nun save

Download link der glider installer exe :


[WoW] Mangos Emulator(2.4.3)

June 25, 2008

* Es ist eine Mangos (aktuellste), siehe Changelog unten,
* die man mit nur 1 Mausklick
* starten kann, OHNE einrichten zu müssen


[WoW] PiroX BG Bot v7.2.4

June 23, 2008

PiroX AFK bot coded by PiroX in AutoIT with auto sign up feature and reloger, all this and it’s easy to setup.


WoW needs the addon “PiroX” which will be generated with random names and will be copied automatically in your wow folder.
The rest of files somewhere e.g desktop but not in the WOW FOLDER!

How to run the Bot correct?

- close WoW
- rename pirox.exe and run the bot
- create an addon
- run WoW
- login WoW
- login your char
- activate window mode
- click in bot on COORDS
- then click SET COORDS/Setup (ball)
- now he will type “/pirox on” and the ball will be shown
- now put your mouse over the ball and press SPACE (look at the pic)
- gratulation u have set the first coords
- now u have to set the other coords of radar & chat like on the screens


[WoW] Iwana

June 23, 2008
Iwana is a simple but yet complex and easy wow fishing bot made by Ziao
Here are some tips if you can't get it to work
1) make sure WoW is running in Windowed mode,
2) make sure all your video settings are at their lowest, this doesn't include 
the resolution

f9: toggles sound on catch
f10: pause the bot (show the main window)
f11: exit the bot instantl


[WoW] WoWME 2.3.3

June 23, 2008

The new version allows you to load any file you like. To do so enter the name in wowme.cfg (eg: orctonightelf.mpq).
The file needs to be in Data/

1) Run WoW with WoWME.exe
2) Once you reach the login screen, hit F8 to restore changes & unload DLL
3) Login
4) Have fun



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